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    Company Overview

    Oxygen Consulting Services helps reduce business risks, enhance productivity and design and implement cost-effective business solutions breathing with client’s culture, technology environment and processes. To make this happen, we strongly believe that there should be right mix of all the 3 elements people, process and technology.

    We passionately believe to add new energy to the client’s business through our value-adding services.

    Frequently asked questions:

    What is the reason behind our Company name "Oxygen Consulting Services (O2CSV)"?
    The name of the company is based on Oxygen which gives life and energy to any person. Similarly, there are risks and opportunity in any business where our client operates and we strive to provide value-added consulting and services to our clients.

    Does O2CSV that consulting and implementation assignment where it does not have a physical office?
    Yes, we are a global professional service provider in the field of Information Security, IS Audit, IT Governance, Risk Management & Compliance and we strive to provide our services in any part of the world. We are registered as a Private Limited with scope of services as world-wide. We are already serving our global customers directly and through our partners.
    Our consultants are keen to travel to customer locations in any part of the world to better understand their environment and deliver the best.

    How does O2CSV strive to provide quality services?
    We are following the requirements as per the ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards. We have formal quality and security policies that govern the way we work internally and externally and deliver the best-in class quality services.

    We want to partner with Oxygen Consulting (O2CSV) to deliver a service to our customer. How to take this forward?
    We are equally eager to partner and collaborate with like-minded partners to provide end-to-end services to customers world-wide. You can reach us at query@o2csv.com to take this forward.

    I want to pursue a career with Oxygen Consulting. How you can help us?
    If you are an experienced professional in our areas of service, please send you resume to careers@o2csv.com and our HR team will contact you whenever there is a matching requirement. We also provide complementary career guidance sessions to people who want to make a career in this field. There is a range of training and education services that can be availed based on individual needs on chargeable basis.

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  • Client Testimonials

    "Technical Knowledge very high and very well versed in IT Security, support & services Very prompt and helpful, Very diligent in their work"
    - Senior IT Manager at a Major Steel Manufacturing Company
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