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    How We Work

    The O2CSV Approach

    Our consultants are members of industry and best practice organizations where they are part of a peer network of industry leaders, academicians, technical subject matter experts, regulators, risk managers and auditors.

    Research and Innovation is a key activity in our consulting assignment. Every assignment involves original thinking and extensive research to provide the right solution. We invest proper time to gain a thorough understanding of our client’s culture, industry, technology environment and processes.

    Oxygen Consulting Services helps reduce business risks, enhance productivity and design and implement cost-effective business solutions breathing with client’s culture, technology environment and processes. To make this happen, we strongly believe that there should be right mix of all the 3 elements people, process and technology.

    We passionately believe to add new energy to the client’s business through our value-adding services.

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  • Client Testimonials

    "Technical Knowledge very high and very well versed in IT Security, support & services Very prompt and helpful, Very diligent in their work"
    - Senior IT Manager at a Major Steel Manufacturing Company
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