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    Research and Insights

    O2CSV provides in-depth solutions to various problems based on extensive and ongoing research. Oxygen Research Lab (ORLAB) focuses on Technology and Business Innovation, resulting in an end product that is highly reliable.

    Some of the areas of research in ORLAB are in the areas of:
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Penetration Testing tools and techniques,
    Application Security,
    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery,
    Mobile Technology,
    Cloud Computing,
    Emerging technologies and
    Industry challenges in areas of data security and privacy.

    O2CSV consultants have published technical whitepapers, presentations and write-ups at various seminars and professional events. Some of these have been shared for the benefit of larger masses.

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  • Client Testimonials

    "Technical Knowledge very high and very well versed in IT Security, support & services Very prompt and helpful, Very diligent in their work"
    - Senior IT Manager at a Major Steel Manufacturing Company
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